Corporate Profile

San Carlos Bioenergy, Inc.(SCBI) is a PEZA registered company incorporated in May 2005 to construct, own and operate an integrated fuel bioethanol distillery and power co-generation facility, thus marking both Philippine and Southeast Asian history as the First Fuel Bioethanol and Co-generation Facility. (Read more...)

Project Overview

Fossil fuel use for transport has increased dramatically worldwide over the past three decades. The transportation sector is a major cause of local air pollution in urban areas (Read more...)


San Carlos City is an ideal location for an ethanol and power cogeneration plant using sugar cane as a feedstock. Long a prime sugar producing area with rich soils, it does not currently have an operational sugar mill (Read more...)


SCBI brings together a unique and valuable combination of biomass power plant engineering and sugar-based agricultural experience through its main proponents (Read more...)

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